The Bandwagon

goes on air at noon on Sunday while 2 hours has 150,000 listeners
 The Bandwagon is a popular radio programme featuring different kinds of music. The show is transmitted by The Music Bird, a digital radio station which utilizes a communications satellite to broadcast in high level sound quality. Hosted by music journalist,conductor Yutaka Nishida who is a popular presenter,the programme has presented more than 1,000 bands over the past 7 years and the featured music has gained a strong support. He is planning to introduce bands from everywhere in the world,through next year.
Any recording company or band wishing to contribute CDs for consideration for programme should contact...
Yutaka Nishida c/o Backstage & Co.Ltd
Address: 5-2-25 Akitsu,Higashimurayama,
Tokyo 189-0001 JAPAN
Phone/FAX :(0)42-332-1168
Biography Yutaka Nishida
  Born in 1951, Yutaka was brought up in a musical environment. When he was a high school student, he became a member of a wind band and orchestra. In his university days he became a conductor of a civic wind band.
  In 1975 durring his stay in England as a student, he devoted himself to his studies by visiting many wind bands and orchestras. In those days he also learnd various music from Maestro Boulez, Geoffrey Brand, William Relton, Eric Ball, Len Kitcher and Harry Mortimer. At the age of 25 he joined the Japan Band directors Association, and took on the job of teaching school bands and civic bands nation wide.
  In 1977 he became a life member of U.S.National Band Association. Since then he has been active internationally.
In 1981 as a representative of Japan, he acted as a conductor in a U.S.-Japan joint tour of international goodwill.
 From 1982 to 1987 he had been a board of director of Music For Youth Inc. During that time he participated actively as an advisor of a music guidance clinic and as a chief editor of a music information journal.
  In 1990 he founded a music production, and in 1994 he called top ranking jazz musicians together and gave a public performance in New York. He received rapturous applause at Carnegie Hall and The Apollo Theatre for productions he played an integral part in creating.
  In 1995 he established the Backstage & Co.Ltd. Recently he's been sharing his great store of knowledge as a reviewer for a music technical journal. Additionally he has been making up a radio programme of wind music and going on the air as a commentator every Sunday. He introduces many bands of the world.